The Oddest Inventions And Gadgets


Flat Water Bottle

a5bottle bottles
Reusable water bottle shaped like a standard piece of paper was designed to perfectly fit into your favorite bag, handbag, or backpack.
Carry water alongside your computer and books. Stay hydrated all day.
Memobottle available in Letter, A4, and A5 paper sizes.

Trampe Bicycle Lift

trampebicycle2 trampebicycle3
Innovative elevator in Trondheim, Norway pushes and transports people on bicycles to the top of a steep hill.
Simply place your right foot on the footplate and press the start button.
Trampe bicycle lift will push you to the top. Designed for cyclists.

Color Scanning Pen

scribblepen01 scribblepen02
Scribble pen allows people to scan colors from the real world and instantly reproduce them on regular paper or digital screen.
Innovative pen can draw in any color. It replaces thousands of color pens and reduces waste. Use colors scanned from nature and get inspired.
The pen matches the color by mixing the ink from ( cyan, magenta, yellow, white, and black ) refillable cartridges.
Revolutionary pen can store over 100,000 UNIQUE colors and accurately reproduce millions of colors.

Edible Cookbook

ediblecookbook ediblecookbook04
Innovative cookbook made out of dough will teach you how to make lasagna.
It can be read, opened, filled with delicious ingredients, and cooked.
Edible cookbook made out of fresh pasta. Designed by Korefe.


yoylight yoy_light_02
A series of a table lamp and a floor lamp. When switched on, a shade of light will appear on the wall. There is a LED inside the head of the pole which imitates a socket.

Kitchen Aquarium

kitchenaquarium kitchenaquarium02
Modern kitchen with beautiful large aquarium designed by Robert Kolenik.
L-shaped aquarium is equipped with hidden storage space. To feed the fish, simply press the button and raise the kitchen countertop.


wheelchair hexhog

The HexHog is the ultimate off-road wheelchair offering unprecedented access to extreme terrain. This unique battery powered machine means you have the freedom to go places you wouldn’t have dreamed possible – at the push of a joystick!
Five years of testing and development in the harshest of mountain terrains and extreme environments has given rise to this unique off-road wheelchair. The HexHog has been designed to bring together the functional attributes of a powered wheelchair and ATV in one aesthetic package. Wheelchair users or those with limited dexterity can safely access the countryside and back country wilderness with total independence.

Walking in a new dimension


It may look odd, but it’s much easier than climbing stairs, and it doesn’t take up much space or guzzle power like elevators do. Rombaout Labs “Vertical Walking” device uses a system of upright rails, pulleys and a gripping system to allow a user to move between floors. The only problem with this contraption may be convincing people that it’s actually a good idea, and getting them to give it a try.

A bicycle with a twist

troacadero-twisting-frame-bicycle-1 troacadero-twisting-frame-bicycle

Take a regular looking single-speed bicycle, chop it in half, then join it back together using a hinge mechanism that allows you to throw the wheels wildly out of alignment with one another. That’s essentially what you get with the Trocadero Fixie. We’re yet to work out a practical purpose for this odd-ball invention, but it’s right up there on the pointless fun register.




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