White Teeth With Coconut Oil

Everybody wants to have beautiful white smile without going to the dentist. White teeth play an important role in the outlook of a person and improve his confidence. In addition, most of the chronic diseases start from the mouth and it is very essential to take care of the teeth. For improving the color and health of the teeth, coconut oil is very much effective. Most of the people have question in their mind that “Does coconut oil whiten teeth?” the answer is “YES”

It is very true that the people use coconut oil to whiten their teeth and this unique and old remedy is called oil-pulling therapy with coconut oil. Yes, it is hard to swishing oil around the mouth because of its taste, but it really improves the color of your teeth. Taste is bad for very few people not for all, so do not worry. Think about the benefits!

What is oil-pulling therapy?

Oil pulling therapy is the method of cleansing the teeth instigating from Ayurveda period. It is the extensively effective method of detoxification and healing the teeth and gums. Although it is very effective, oil-pulling therapy is fully safe even for children. Oil pulling therapy results freshness in breath, whitens teeth and make strong gums.

Why coconut oil

Streptococcus mutans is the name of the bacteria that causes cavities in the teeth and coconut oil has special property to fight with this bacteria.

Coconut oil contains the LAURIC ACID with powerful medicinal properties, which is also a good antimicrobial. It kills the bacteria and fungi from the mouth and removes plaque as well.

Coconut oil is easily available as most of the people use coconut oil for its multipurpose uses.

How it works

The bacteria in our mouth always create thin bio film on our teeth and our teeth become yellow and cause plaque and bad breadth. And with oil pulling therapy, when we hold coconut oil in the mouth for sometimes, all the bacteria dissolve into the oil and get out with the oil throwing out. We can also say that coconut oil works as a mouth wash.

How to use coconut oil to whiten teeth

If you want to make your teeth white and healthy, you have to need of one or two tablespoon of coconut oil every day.

  1. In the morning put coconut oil into your mouth.
  2. Swish for 15 to 20 minutes.
  3. Remember do not swish for more than 20 minutes it affects. The oil will become filled with toxins and get thicker.
  4. Now spit it out. Never swallow the oil as it is filled with microbes and plaque.
  5. Rinse the mouth with warm water, as warm water is effective for cleansing.
  6. After that, you can go for the brush. Also, brush well for killing the remaining bacteria.

Follow this procedure for one month surely you will get the difference. Everyone should try this therapy, as it costs nothing. Surely, coconut oil will give result positively and give you a smart and healthy smile.

Is Oil Pulling Safe?

Thankfully, this is one point that all sources seem to agree on! Some sources claim that oil pulling  doesn’t have the benefits often attributed to it or that it doesn’t actually detoxify the mouth, but all of them agree that it shouldn’t hurt anything.

All of the oils that are often used are completely edible and considered to be healthy when eaten, so they aren’t problematic when swished in the mouth. The only potential danger I’ve seen is if the oil is swallowed after it has absorbed any bacteria or toxins from the mouth.

When I asked my own dentist about oil pulling, I was told that while the research is lacking, it could be considered an effective and safe alternative to mouthwash and that there shouldn’t be any harm to trying it.

What Oil Should Be Used for Pulling?

It depends.

If the goal is whitening the teeth, I’ve found coconut oil to be most effective. Coconut oil is also slightly more effective at removing certain bacteria from the mouth, including the Streptococcus mutans bacteria that is known for causing dental caries (source).

Sesame oil is recommended by most sources (though this is partially because it was one of the more widely available oils when the practice first started years ago) and it is also the most well studied and considered safe for those who are not allergic to sesame seeds. Olive oil is sometimes used, though some sources claim that it is too harsh for the teeth. The main thing is to avoid using any high Omega-6 or chemically created oils like vegetable oil, canola oil, soybean oil, corn oil, etc.

Do I Have to Swish for 20 Minutes?

I found it difficult to swish for the full 20 minutes when I first started oil pulling. Though this is recommended, it isn’t a hard and fast rule. Neither is the recommendation to use a tablespoon of oil. If you can only use a teaspoon and swish for 5 minutes, start with that and don’t stress about it. Some people also find that adding a drop of essential oil helps the taste and makes oil pulling easier. Just make sure that any oil you use is safe to use internally. I also find that the best time to oil pull is in the shower, since this is the only time I’m not talking to my husband or kids or doing something else. I don’t usually shower for 20 minutes, but this at least gets me part of the way through the time

Studies About Oil Pulling

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