32 Celebs Who Portrayed The Opposite Gender In Film Roles

Here we take a look at actors who took transforming for a film to a whole new level by portraying the opposite gender.

1- Angelina Jolie As Evelyn Salt/Natasha Chenkova – “SALT”

2- Robin Williams As Mrs. Doubtfire – “MRS. DOUBTFIRE”

3-Neil patrick harris as hedwig robinson in the broadway adaptation of “hedwig and the angry inch”

4- Johnny depp as bon bon/lt. victor – “before night falls”

5- Glenn close as albert nobbs – “albert nobbs”

6- Gael garcia bernal as zahara – “bad education”

7- Nathan lane as albert – “the birdcage”

8- Willem dafoe as paul smecker – “the boondock saints”

9- Hilary swank as brandon teena – “boys don’t cry”

10- Cillian murphy as patricia “kitten” braden – “breakfast on pluto”

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