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Our purpose is to publish issues, articles and news related to the areas of Health, Science And Technology, with the hope that these issues are simple, practical, and useful, as well as with high quality.

However, the title of the site is in contrary to this issue! Because we turn hard issues into simple and valuable issues!

If you have any story, article or manuscript at each one of the mentioned areas, then you can work with us and send your entry for us; we would investigate your manuscripts and if it is eligible, we would design a perfect and beautiful image associated with your posts and publish it with your name on it.

You should do the following three steps in order to send your entry, manuscript or article to use:

  1. Register on the site via the following link. The registration is very simple and fast;
  2. Choose and appropriate profile picture for yourself;
  3. Choose an appropriate title for your post and after writing the explanations and choosing the branch related to your entry, send it for us.

If your article has pictures, you may upload the intended pictures for us on the site.

Note that remember four notes:

  1. If your article has been derived from a specific reference, make sure that you cite the name of that reference;
  2. The article should only be related to HealthScience And Technology, And Entertainment;
  3. If your article has more than one page, you should send it for us in several parts with appropriate titles;
  4. Articles should be practical, useful, and with high quality.

We would publish your articles with appropriate address, like the following address :


, in accordance with the title of article and with your own name on the site; and with this address, you can show your articles in the social pages or other places to millions of people around the world.

In addition to the submission page, we also create a weblog address for you in the form of “sub-domain”. like : http://YourUsername.HardText.com

By publishing your articles on our site, you can improve the validity of your articles.